Iraq War (2003-2011)

The End Of Muslim Sunni/Shia Hostility – The Qatar/Iran Alliance Brokered By France

The End Of Muslim Sunni/Shia Hostility – The Qatar/Iran Alliance Brokered By France

In a hugely symbolic victory of sound economics and practicality triumphing over stupid, backwards and idiotic sectarian violence, religious, and ethnic discrimination, the French oil refining company Total has successfully brokered a joint oil drilling/natural gas development deal with Qatar (Sunni dominated) and Iran (Shia dominated) as joint partners. Only a few weeks ago, Saudi […]

Great World Powers Should Not Remain Oblivious Of Internal Corruption of Other Nations

Great World Powers Should Not Remain Oblivious Of Internal Corruption of Other Nations

In a vain attempt to streamline global new world order governance, it is sometimes very tempting for “macro” world leaders to simply implement domestic and global policies which completely steam roll over the rights of their individual citizens, for purposes of ease of control and rule, rather than taking the time out to deal with, and rectify, the multiple internecine conflicts, fundamental denials of human and civil rights, race/religious/ethnic tensions, and the rampant injustices which plague their people.

UN resolution on Iran mockery of justice

The UN consciously or unconsciously plays into the hands of the pro-Israeli pressure groups in Canada and only puts on an ugly show of duplicity in imposing a ruling against the Islamic Republic.

Brazil under CIA Pressure

The activities of non-government organizations are not restricted in any way; their members have close ties with US embassy and consulate staff, as well as USAID workers. The human intelligence is used to discredit the policy of the Dilma Rousseff government. The lies about its ineffectiveness are spread around by all available means.

Russia hunkers down vis-a-vis West

Prior to his departure from Moscow, Putin made some scathing references to the US policies toward Russia calling them “blackmail” and warning that the global “strategic stability” will be imperiled unless the West made amends.

Obama Knew Arming Rebels Was Useless, But Did It Anyway

As it happens, Syria is hardly the first or most significant place Obama has used his power as Commander-in-Chief in ways that get people slaughtered, even though he knew better, primarily for political purposes.

Fateful week for US-Iran talks

The signs are that Iran’s Supreme Leader has authorized the Iranian negotiators to clinch a deal. The Iran Daily newspaper, which is identified with the Supreme leader’s office has showered fulsome praise on Rouhani’s policies seeking detente with the West.

AngloZionist Empire is at War with Russia

It is an open question whether Russia will succeed in her goals. In theory, a successful Junta attack on Novorussia could force Russia to intervene. Likewise, there is always the possibility of yet another “false flag”, possibly a nuclear one. I think that the Russian policy is sound and the best realistically achievable under the current set of circumstances, but only time will tell.

Obama Launches His War, Finally

Obama’s presidency has come full circle by reinventing the neocon dogmas it once professed to reject. On the pretext of fighting the IS, which the US and its allies created in the first instance, what is unfolding is a massive neocon project to remold the Muslim Middle East to suit the US’ geopolitical objectives. Call it by whatever name, it is an imperial war – albeit with a Nobel as commander-in-chief.

Who’s Paying the Pro-War Pundits?

Who’s Paying the Pro-War Pundits?

If you read enough news and watch enough cable television about the threat of the Islamic State, the radical Sunni Muslim militia group better known simply as ISIS, you will inevitably encounter a parade of retired generals demanding an increased US military presence in the region. And guess who they work for?

Mainstream media steps up anti-Russia propaganda on Ukraine

There is a great deal to say on the subject, but here I want to limit myself to rectifying some really, really basic misconceptions that Washington has attempted to impose on you via its various corporate media mouthpieces.

Hillary Clinton’s Criminality in Benghazi

Last week, former Secretary of State and presumed Democratic 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton writes that her handling of the Benghazi crisis of September 11, 2012 actually provides more impetus for a White House run.

Obama: Netanyahu “Too Strong” to Make Peace

In order for peace to ever occur between Israel and the Palestinians, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needs to be weakened, United States President Barack Obama asserted.

Top 10 takeaways from Putin’s foreign policy speech

“It’s crucial that the Russian-Chinese friendship isn’t directed against anybody whatsoever. We don’t create any military alliances. On the contrary, it’s an example of equal, respectful and productive cooperation between the two states in the 21st century.”

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