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I can't bear listening to Trump babble at length anymore. It's worse than listening to Sarah Palin give a lecture on Aristotelian Cosmology. Grammar, syntax, logic, content are all sacrificed to word salad, hate and ignorance ridden by ego.


John Kelly wondering where it all went so wrong…AP Photo/Carolyn Caster 1-17-18

Some of the darkest stars, black holes and empty barrels in the place!

Wonder what are other cold hells there are waiting for the administration and the nation…

Does Kelly ever feel a stinging pain between his shoulders and feel like he’s sinking?

When I left this almost two weeks ago, General Kelly’s Great Adventure with when he knew that the Cabinet Secretary was ineligible for the necessary clearance and when he did something about it was still churning. What makes it most interesting to me is that we now know that a lot of people in the White House haven’t gotten the necessary clearance and that among them are some of the darkest stars, black holes and empty barrels in the place.

  • Jared Kushner is playing his role inTrump’s production of Russ Meyer’s Hansel and Gretel by supposedly lobbying Rupert Murdoch to influence DT to make certain that he gets to keep the temporary clearance and access he’s really not eligible for so he can save the world for capitalism by selling out the Palestinians and getting the Chinese to build the wall on the border — they’re supposed to be good at building walls along borders — as a form of a loan to Mexico. Not that Mexico is interested or even willing to play with it to make Daddy-In-Law look good. Or at least less awful. Late Entry, You can’t make this stuff up.
  • Ivanka is off looking decorative at the Winter Games for the closing ceremonies and so she can explain the administration’s approach to economic warfare with North Korea to the President of South Korea. So the overpriced, sweat-shop entrepreneuress and exploiter of the poor, downtrodden, complicit with the worst human rights and civil rights and security violators is going to “architect” it all for Moon Jae-In who is not excited about engaging in a permanent game of nuclear chicken with the Kim family in which Moon and his country get to be the go button. It’s worth noting that Moon, a former political prisoner and forced conscript into Korean Special Forces, was denied a place in the Korean Civil Service or Judiciary because he’d been a liberal activist, and earned a living as an independent South Korean Civil Rights lawyer. So, sending Ivanka to lecture him about South Korean’s role against North Korea in defense of Daddy’s Id is silly, as well as insulting and stupid to Moon.
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She’s possibly the second most obnoxious person in the administration after the President; is utterly unprepared to deal with actual, professional journalists and has mastered the art of “I don’t know, do you?” in response to questions about the president, the government or whether or not the sun comes up in the west or east. She’s actually another part of the patronage game set here, since her dad is good old boy, Fascist-Christian Evangelical Arkansas Governor and weight-loss guru Mike Huckabee.
  • Don McGahn, the White House Council. It’s kind of amazing how many moments of awfulness McGahn had the potential to derail and didn’t. Mike Flynn-gate? Yeah, there was a moment and questions remain. The acting Attorney General comes by and says “Oh by the way, your national security adviser is subject to blackmail and exploitation by the Russians and you might want to tell the president.” Did he? The Comey Firing-Gate? Did he tell the President all the reasons why this was a bad idea? Don’t know, although he did recommend that the President do it not because of “Russia” but for cause, resulting in the fabrication of some nonsense about the Clintons that lasted until the President had the chance to brag on national TV that it was about Russia. Clearance-Gate? Did he go in and tell the President “We have a problem, none of us can get a clearance because we’re all subject to Russian blackmail?” Don’t know, but if he did, it didn’t work. We do know that he refused to fire Mueller, threatening to resign and he did get Rence Preibus to help convince Jeff Sessions not to resign. So, threats to the nation, no positive effect; threats of Trump political suicide, 2 for 2. Yea, team. Sadly, of the four “dark stars” without TS/SCI that we know about, he’s probably the best.

Of course, there are roughly another 96 or more that we’re not sure of, and I have to wonder what are other cold hells there are waiting for the administration and the nation as we go on.

Kelly was spurred to action, of course, by the debacle about the tall, serial wife-beater and put out a policy or a memo or a post-it or however they do things administratively for the mob of wildebeests that are stomping around the West Wing soiling the rug and taking selfies flashing alt right gang signs to send home to Ma and Pa. As of mid-week last week (Feb 19-23), all the people who didn’t have the right clearance were supposed to be gone! So far as we know, they’re still there. At CPAC, our only current President besides Putin announces that he has basically recused himself from the situation with Jared’s clearance because he’s sure General Kelly will do the right thing for the country, Nod Nod Wink Wink.

Or, in the words of Trump’s spirit animal, Roy Coen, let me make you an offer you can’t refuse.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t bear listening to Trump babble at length anymore. It’s worse than listening to Sarah Palin give a lecture on Aristotelian Cosmology. Grammar, syntax, logic, content are all sacrificed to word salad, hate and ignorance ridden by ego. I occasionally will flip through his remarks and caught him doing part of his interpretation of the Aesop fable about the scorpion convincing the dog to ferry him across the flooded river.

Trump’s wildebeests stomping around the West Wing soiling the rug and taking selfies flashing alt right gang signs

It’s an interesting legend and shows up in a lot of cultures but always with the same result; the well-meaning but naive ferrying animal is stung or bitten by the scorpion or the snake and they both drown. As they drown, the victim asks why and the killer says, “It’s in my nature.”

CBC:…You’re saying your father would make a different analogy? 

Africa Brown:Yes, the American people would be the poor, tender woman. And he [Trump] would be the sly one that we would be taking in. 

CBC: Into the White House? 

Africa Brown: Yes! It would definitely be poisonous, because the venom we see being spewed right now, it’s no secret, the hatred and the bad feelings it’s spurring. In my opinion, and I’m sure in my father’s opinion, those things are poisonous to a society. 

The snake version and the poem Trump uses is an African-American version that inspired Oscar Brown, Jr. Brown, a Chicago area blues and jazz artist who was a prominent social activist and organizer. Grandson of a slave, he was a former member of the Communist Party who figured out fairly quickly that being a Russian stooge was a bad way of trying to help anyone, especially his own people. His version is called The Snake, and Trump supposedly discovered it from Al Wilson’s version. It was covered by a lot of people, including Johnny Rivers, of course. But Oscar Brown wrote it and recorded it first. This is a version from RefuseFacism.Org and the singers are Brown’s daughters.

Trump credits it to Al Wilson, and Brown’s family has been angry about this since the campaign. They are concerned by the false accreditation and they are angry about the horrid way the song has been used. His daughter, Africa Brown and the rest of the family have sent the Trump operation during the campaign a cease and desist order. For Ms Brown and her sister, it’s a perversion of her father’s work and an insult. Anyone who knows the song and the fable can only agree; the snake for her is Donald Trump. Any use of Brown’s music and lyrics or Aesop’s story that interprets the song as a way to encourage hate and discrimination misses the point. This is from a CBC interview with Ms. Brown in 2016.

Trump as own spirit animal — Xrhonda Speaks, Let’s Build a Wall Around Donald Trump, 8-18-17

I managed to miss this plagiarism and abuse of art and folk lore during the campaign. Trump’s made appearances in various cartoons as the scorpion and I have found them really apropos. The snake and the scorpion are both flatterer and appeal to worst side of the victim’s personality, their fears and weaknesses as well as their basic belief in the goodness of someone claiming to be misunderstood. In the Aesop version, the scorpion or snake is riding across the river on the victim’s back and the venomous villain stings the dupe on the back, probably between the shoulders. You have to wonder as this goes on if John Kelly ever sees the president do something awful and then feel a stinging bite between the shoulders. This could actually serve as John Kelly’s Theme Song.

I discovered Brown when I lived in Tacoma and spent a lot of time listening to KPLU, FM88.5. The station then was a heritage public station loosely affiliated with Pacific Lutheran University. The station has become public owned and independent, and remains a great source of NPR as well as jazz and blues. If you are within range of it’s transmitters, I recommend it. They played a lot of Brown’s stuff both during the regular daily programming and the weekend evening blues shows. He was a very interesting guy, and much more interesting and worthwhile than anyone in the Trump administration.


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