The battle for the soul of America

President Trump versus the Contra-Constitutionalists (the Democrat Party) and their enablers, the media – consisting of the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, USA Today, and a host of other biased information services – hardly seems like a fair fight. It seems the President is almost always one step ahead of them, and this has lead to an almost desperate attempt to continue what seems to be a policy of “doubling down” on stories written that are dubious at best when they cast a shadow on Trump.

The problem is not that the media gets it wrong so often, it’s that in an effort to taint Donald Trump, that we the people are being brainwashed into thinking Trump can do no right. Additionally, news that the public really needs to know about, is swept under the carpet, delegated to the back pages of the newspaper, or is presented in an inaccurate manor tainted by editorial opinion . . . not fair and balanced. This wouldn’t be as bad as it is but one must remember that the handful of conservative news outlets on cable or satellite  television, and on talk radio, reach only a very small portion of the total U.S. population. The bombardment day and night with mis-information is taking its toll on the American people, and there’s just not enough avenues to provide accurate and timely news as a counter-balance.

If one adds in the influence of the our education system, which is hell-bent on indoctrinating our youth on the glories of Marxism/socialism, while slamming capitalism as an economic system of the greedy, is it any wonder our country has reached a point where the voters lashed out and elected Donald Trump? So confident was the media and the Democrats that Hillary Clinton would be anointed the new president in 2016, the shock of the voters across the country rejecting her was more than they could take. So now they have declared all-out war on Trump and those who support him.

Where has the media been on what might be the biggest story of corruption in American political history? We the people are eye-witness to the unequal application of justice by a totally corrupt and politicized legal system perpetuated by a few bad apples in the FBI, the Justice Department, NSA, and other agencies, where outright lies are used to obtain search warrants to spy on American citizens, and where the guilty accusers get off scot-free without paying for their illegal activities.

Obama and his band of sewer dwellers have unconstitutionally used the country’s security agencies in an attempt to overturn the 2016 elections and affect a coup d’etat, while blaming Trump and the Republicans for actions they themselves have been and are still committing. Unfortunately, or perhaps it is fortunate, most of the population has no idea what is going on because the media has been using deflection and mis-information to keep the public distracted. Those of us who follow political discourse are appalled at what we see going on.

Hardly a word has been spoken, much less made it to the TV or to the major newspapers, about the great judicial appointments that effect our way of life. One who understands how our government works must surely wonder why the press hasn’t kept up with this important news. Trump’s judicial appointments, with Justice Neil Gorsuch, a strict originalist to the Supreme Court and a dozen appellate court justices who are also originalists, believing in the constitutional rule of law, hardy got a mention by any news outlet. I guess the media has been too busy trying to publicize and make-up dirty stories about Trump to worry about real news.

When it came to the Tax Reform Bill, which effects everyone, what did the dishonest media do? They immediately went on a rampage, joining the Democrats, crying that the changes and reforms were actually tax breaks for the wealthy and would be paid for on the backs of the working class people, as if the businesses and the people who own them and make the economy work by creating jobs, are simply a non-entity. They claimed the cuts would create budget deficits and would be an additional burden on our national debt. These same fools never said a word about Obama’s budget-busting and worthless programs which went on for eight years. For the record, Obama piled on more debt than all the previous presidents combined.

Rather than joining with the Democrats to spread hatred and lies about the tax plan, they could have easily made the tax cuts into an “educational moment”  explaining how returning money to the people and letting them spend it, rather than allowing the government to waste our treasury on more government give-away programs. When people have money to spend, it increases economic growth, pure and simple.

It works like this: When an individual spends a $1000, there is a multiplier effect on the economy. Where the $1000 is spent, that business may hire additional employees who will then get paid and spend their earnings in the marketplace thereby creating more commerce and adding to the GDP. No; Instead they cried all week about, “How are the Republicans going to pay for the tax cuts?” A completely bogus and misleading insinuation . . . anyone thinking that tax cuts need to be “paid for” shows a complete lack of knowledge about how an economy works.

The Democrats are even dumber than dumb. They shouted in unison that the tax cuts should be “revenue neutral”. Now that is an absolutely a stupid statement.

Revenue neutral means that if these bozo’s in Washington cut a tax, in this case the income tax, then it should be off-set so that it has no affect on the budget. In other words, the Democrats want to once again hose the taxpayer by giving them a small tax break but then raise taxes on something else to off-set the amount returned to the citizen. That is what they mean by “revenue neutral”. This flim-flam has been going on for decades which is why we have a 74,608-page-long federal tax code. In very simple terms, tax cuts put money back into the hands of those who have earned it, after all, it was their money before it was taken by the government.

One must understand that the Democrats, headed by the liberal progressives and their cohorts in the media, have invested their future in America’s failure on the global stage. If one hasn’t been able to make that distinction between Democrats and Republicans, then those who are advocating for the fall of President Donald Trump, need to reevaluate their political posture, and take stock in their core beliefs.

The subversion by the “the Obama Administration’s Deep State” is a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine our government by persons working secretly from within, including the NSA, the Justice department, the FBI, and other security departments. This is being proven on a day to day unveiling by the Congressional and IG (Inspector General) oversight investigations. Sadly, the majority of the voters who cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton and the status quo, have no idea what is happening, and have simply tuned-out to the issue of corrupt Democrats slithering around in the bureaucracy.

Getting back to the tax reform bill issue, to make themselves sound like they know what they are talking about, the left always trot out leftist economists like Paul Krugman and others. Their comments and opinions seldom materialize into truthful statements of fact.  These folks are never held accountable when they are proven wrong and they are allowed to disappear back into the sewer the minute the economy does exactly the opposite of their doomsday narrative.

Tax cuts take time to materialize. They do not deliver an overnight boost to economy, but create economic growth over time.  One only has to be reminded about President John F. Kennedy, the darling of the Democrat Party, when he lowered the marginal tax rate and made major tax cuts back in 1962, and the positive results President Ronald Reagan delivered with his tax cuts, pulling the country out of the disastrous Jimmy Carter stagnant economy.

The Democrats and the media are developing egg on their faces, which will surely be impossible to hide when 80% of America begins seeing the tax cuts show-up in larger paychecks. The corporate tax break being used to lure American manufacturers back to America has already shown an overwhelmingly positive effect on the economy, but the media is almost mute on those great stories.  The really good news is that we have only seen the start of those benefits, with hundreds of companies like Wal-Mart already boosting wages of its employees to $11/hour, 30% above the federal minimum wage. Those one-time cash bonuses of $1000 or more by numerous companies, will create a much needed infusion to the economy, far greater than anything the government would have wasted our money on.

Pelosi, Warren and the Democrat elite call these raises and one-time bonuses being paid out by corporate America as “crumbs”, showing their true colors and how out-of-touch they are with mainstream America. This is even further exemplified by the little publicized fact that Black and Hispanic employment is at an all-time record. Does the media mention anything about this? Not a word. They are like a group of parrots echoing the single phrase of Trump and Russian collusion, yet after more than a year have turned up no evidence.

The Left may already be changing its tune crying instead that the tax cuts for the individual will expire in eight years while the corporate tax breaks are permanent, so this is unfair. This is not putting the tax breaks into prospective. Corporations, which generally plan years in advance need the assurance that the corporate taxes will be at a rate they can live with in order to entice them to invest in plants and outlets in America. The eight years of paying lower taxes for the individual can always be renewed at any point before expiring.

As you can read in the Huffington Post, “Let me correct one thing,” Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) said, “Individuals own corporations. So the best benefit that I can give the American worker is to make an American corporation competitive with the rest of the world. That’s what this is about.” Remember, Corporations are not stand-alone entities. They are owned by the stockholders, and the stockholders are the people, unions, trust funds, and others – in simple words, “investors”, so when the corporations benefit with more profit, the stockholders benefit with higher dividends.

America had grown weary of the Obama era and rightly so. If one were to believe The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in June of 2014, “The good times may be over for good. In a speech to the Economic Club of New York yesterday, (Obama’s) US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, said the US GDP growth rate, adjusted for inflation, is now projected to run a little above 2% a year. That would be a significant downshift from the 3.4% average growth rate from the end of World War II until 2007″.

NOTE: The American Enterprise Institute, AEI, is a nonpartisan public policy research think tank with a community of scholars and supporters committed to expanding liberty, increasing individual opportunity and strengthening free enterprise.

In writing for National Review, James Pethokoukis stated, If the Obama White House is correct, the good times really are over for good. In its recent budget proposal, Team Obama warned that, ‘in the 21st century, real GDP growth in the United States is likely to be permanently slower than it was in earlier eras because of a slowdown in labor force growth initially due to the retirement of the post–World War II baby boom generation, and later due to a decline in the growth of the working age population’. Obama economists are looking for real GDP growth of 2.3 percent in the final years of its budget projection, a full percentage point slower than the average growth rate of the past generation”.

HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS . . . So much for those wallowing in the Washington DC sewer. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, The Federal Reserve recently upgraded its GDP prediction for Trump’s first year from 2.9 percent (better than any year under Barack Obama) to 3.3 percent . . . 2018 looks to be even higher!

When candidate Trump was on the trail he made many promises to the people of America, that his goal was to Make American Great Again.  The Left didn’t get it then and they don’t understand it now. They were promised doom and gloom by Obama and the Democrats, and began believing America’s manufacturing superiority, America’s positive attitude, and America’s military superiority was behind us and that the U.S. was no better than any third-rate country to be found on the globe. In fact, Obama had those morons believing that there was no such thing as American Exceptionalism, BUT we the people knew better!

Even larger than the tax reforms are the changes the Trump Administration has been making in the long list of redundant and overbearing government rules and regulations which have been a financial burden on America’s entrepreneurial businesses. The Trump Administration had promised to eliminate 75% of burdensome regulations that have been stifling job creation, zapping financial compliance costs with no apparent benefit for society, and  is putting America back on the fast-track to regaining our prosperity and becoming the undisputed leader in manufacturing, agricultural, energy, and other means of economic  prosperity.

So far, in just one short year over 400 regulations have been 86’d and that has amounted to more than $14 billion in savings for the energy industries alone. The U.S. is now an energy exporter and has no plan to either slow down or look back. The deregulation bug planted by the Trump Administration has paved the way to fast-tracking the plan to Make America Great Again. As an observer, I see the score, Trump 1, the media and Democrats, a BIG FAT ZERO!

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