Dispatches from Wolf Country — Trump, like a kidney stone, will Pass

Be grateful for all the people in our history who've shown us how to do it and do it well from those that did it sublimely to those who tried and were at best adequate Be grateful for those who suffered, died or came home, shattered in body or in mind or just knocked slightly out of whack by the experience. Trump will pass, and we can do better. So, let's do better

Trump Thanksgiving 2018, Cost Guard Station Lake Worth Inlet, Photograph: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

Anybody else got gallows humor thought about that coffee cup?

We always figured that the presidents — from Washington to Obama — had a pretty good idea of what they were supposed to be doing and would try to do it. This guy? Not so much.

No unifying theme except his ego, insecurity, greed, and pathological lying.

Invisible Flying Monkeys…or, fighter jets…Don’t know, Don’t care 

The challenge of writing commentary on this current world is that there’s too much to take in sometimes, and no unifying theme really except President Manatee-Orangutan’s ego, insecurity, greed, and pathological lying. It is a very tiring and dispiriting theme, but it’s something we need to look at or we begin to think it’s normal.

It is. Just not here. We Americans may do some really awful things, looking back at our history, but we haven’t quite reached these depths since probably the gilded age. At least in the past, we always figured that the presidents — from Washington to Obama — had a pretty good idea of what they were supposed to be doing and would try to do it.

This guy? Not so much. He’s got his eye on the prize, like one of the Roman emperor’s trying to get acclaimed as a God while still alive; Gaius Caligula, Nero, Domitian, and Commodus are all great examples of that. All of them done in by the Praetorian Guard who figured out from their Legate down to the trooper on latrine detail that these guys were freaking crazy and needed to be put down for the good of…the Praetorian Guard, of course, as well as the Senate and People of Rome.

Of course, there was no way to remove a Roman emperor except by execution. Trump can be impeached or defeated in an election. He is dangerous, but this is an infinitely more complicated and dangerous world than that of the emperors.

So, we wait for the Congress to get a clue, and if they can’t, the people of the United States so that a crew of less cretinous fools is elected in 2018 and then then let the other shoe drop on this era, like an anvil on a cockroach.

After the imprisonments, forfeitures, sanctions, and public humiliation following his removal from office, let us all try to never do this again.

It’s just that these guys, Trump and his sycophants, parasites, family and friends and other enablers are so excessive in their ignorance and greed and lust for power, privilege and perks. It’s not just the theft or the “pussy-grabbing” as it is the oblivious response to getting caught. Trump has a smaller vocabulary than the Hag-Witch of Wasilla, but there’s no more content in any of his speeches than in one of her late night drunken phone calls to Steve Bannon.

So on Tuesday he goes off to Mar a Lago but on the way advocates the importance of electing Republicans whether or not they are child molesters or, one supposes, practicers of bestiality, prompting the Daily News, the New York Post, and the largest papers in Alabama to lead with variations on “Trump: I’m with Perv!”

Yesterday the White House announces that it will be a quiet day. He sees the announcement, and raises hell, so they correct that saying he’s going to be reading documents and having meetings and phone calls and doing the people’s business. In the motorcade, on his way to the golf course at another Trump property. Where the press pool gets pictures of him playing 18 holes.

This morning, I sit down at the computer, flipping through The Guardian and discover this one: he thinks we can make invisible flying monkeys…err, aircraft. George Bush and Barrack Obama and other presidents would show up at a hospital or a remote military base or in Baghdad or someplace, visiting the troops and thanking them; visiting disaster sites and praying with the victims, serving dinner in a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving. He goes down the road to a local Coast Guard Station and tells them that the F35 — which has been something of a disaster although a great deal for the defense contractors with the cost overruns, design flaws requiring massive change orders, and various other boondoggles — is invisible and thus invincible. Not just to radar; you can’t see them!

Amazing job,” Trump said then. “So amazing we are ordering hundreds of millions of dollars of new airplanes for the air force, especially the F-35. You like the F-35? … You can’t see it. You literally can’t see it. It’s hard to fight a plane you can’t see… That’s an expensive plane you can’t see. As you heard, we cut the price very substantially. Something that other administrations would never have done – that I can tell you.

According to the pool report… Trump told his audience he had discussed the “invisible” plane with “some air force guys”. He asked them, he said, if it would perform in a dogfight like similar planes he had seen in movies. “They said: ‘Well, it wins every time because the enemy cannot see it, even if it’s right next to it, it can’t see it,’” Trump said.

Many of us have had moments of forced fun like this one; you stand there, at a modified position of at ease, and adopt a look of glazed amazement. You don’t laugh at the VIP; you’re too close to make fun of him sotto voce, and you don’t want to try and explain to the First Sergeant and the Colonel, or in this case the Leading Master Chief and the Skipper, what the hell you thought you were doing. The coffee cup on top of the cabinet makes me think that this was possibly a spur of the moment thing and will result in a major butt chewing already. Try not to laugh or fall over.

Still, the faces are great. Thought bubbles are obvious and can probably be summed up fairly simply this way…

The fat guy with the weird haircut is a fucking idiot…and I voted for him, what’s that make me? 

Well, like that stupid tattoo you got after you got done with basic training while you were drunk that was supposed to be an eagle with an anchor and instead looks like a pigeon shitting an anchor, son, it just means you weren’t thinking all that much. Do better next time…

So, I’m thankful for these guys and every Grunt, Swabbie, Jar Head and Zoomie roaming the world today, tonight and tomorrow as well as all my other extended family, from the beginning until now. I’m grateful for their families, their communities, their schools, their churches and to all the people who built them, nurtured them and shined them so they could produce and maintain mankind’s last, best hope. I’m grateful for all the people in our history who’ve shown us how to do it and do it well from those that did it sublimely to those who tried and were at best adequate. I’m grateful for those who suffered, died or came home, shattered in body or in mind or just knocked slightly out of whack by the experience. I’m grateful to Boston College and to Duquesne University for not giving me a fellowship so that I joined the Army and did something else with my life.

So, I promise, and I ask all of us to at least think about it, to work harder and do better at whatever it is — and whatever the hell it is I do these days — we do, so that somebody else will be able to have the same thoughts on this holiday 200 years in the future.

Trump will pass, and we can do better. So, let’s do better…MCF

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