The NFL Players Association vs. America and American Values Part I

The current spectacle of the NFL football players denigrating the American flag, disrespecting the National Anthem, and throwing mud in the face of the first responders who protect the American citizens from mayhem, crime, and anarchy – the police and law enforcement officers across the country, is despicable and anti-American. Additionally, such behavior is tantamount to spitting on the graves of the more than 1.5 million military personnel who have died insuring liberty and freedom for Americans and others who would be living under communism, fascism, tyranny, servitude or even worse, had our military personnel not laid down their lives to insure our way of life. All this on bogus and dishonest issues dreamed-up by a mediocre, Marxist, anti-American football player.

            Perhaps the saddest aspect of what we are witnessing is a complete condemnation of the American education system which was taken over by the federal government when President Jimmy Carter signed legislation authorizing the Department of Education on October 17, 1979 . . .  it began operating on May 4, 1980. When control was wrestled away from the states to educate our children, as international testing has confirmed, America has been on a downhill race to the bottom of the chart in comparison to other countries in overall test results, despite spending more per child than any other country.

It seems the athletes, which for the most part, were awarded tuition-free educations, because they could play football, wasted everyone’s time. We can see their education has little to show for it. Most cannot speak English properly and few can hardly carry on a cohesive and intelligent conversation (just listen to sports interviews after the game). Many athletes who go on to broadcasting after their career in sports is over, make so many grammatical errors it hurts the ears.

What has America gained by bestowing upon these ignorant fools an education which most young students and their families have worked hard, saved for years, and spent the family fortunes on for a chance to live the American dream in preparation for careers that will not even make enough money to pay the federal tax obligations these ungrateful anti-American morons will owe when the Internal Revenue Agents come knocking at their door at the end of the year? The answer: Absolutely nothing but a handful of football games and possibly the chance of seeing one team out of 32, walk away after the Super Bowl with a sterling silver Lombardi Trophy valued at about $12,000 (The trophy itself weighs about 7 pounds and is approximately 22 inches tall) and gold/diamond ring.

In comparison to what America faces in today’s arena of political and security challenges; the federal budget deficit; the need to bolster the nation’s defense systems; confronting the threat to our national security from Iran, North Korea, China, and the War on Terror; the NFL and the NFL Players Association, don’t amount to much more than a pimple on the ass of an ant! Yet here these spoiled brats are, at the start of every game this season, trying to shove their leftist, racist, Marxist propaganda down the throats of the very American patriots who have made their financial success possible, all the while defiling the American symbols of freedom and liberty. My question at this point, “Are they all little Marxists following the Communist Manifesto or just plain stupid?”

The NFL and its cohort the NFLPA, are fleecing the U.S. taxpayer to the tune of billions of dollars every year. The NFL is the most profitable pro sports league in the U.S., raking in an estimated $1 billion in profits on $10.5 billion in revenue last season alone, yet according to Villanova University professor Rick Eckstein, an expert on pro football financial matters:

“Since 1997 with the help of $4.7 billion in taxpayer funds, according to an analysis by the advisory firm ‘Conventions, Sports and Leisure’, local governments forced through their governing bodies, bonds, tax diversions, and other financing schemes to build grandiose venues to attract or keep teams in their towns”. This is in addition to the tax breaks they receive on most of the money they actually spend themselves on construction. Most of that money spent is generated by tax free municipal bonds . . . the same bonds created by Congress to help fund roads and schools. It is a stacked deck against John Q. Public – we the American people!

“The league also gets a financial boost in a less obvious ways”, said Eckstein. “Elected officials vying for a team to come to their town often serve-up discounted city services, such as utilities and police patrolling a stadium on game day.” I don’t know how to put a price tag on the added police security inside the stadium, outside in the parking lots, and officers needed for traffic control, but I am sure it is a bundle.

The cost to the taxpayer doesn’t stop there. Teams also often get big breaks on their property taxes, and sell billions of dollars worth of luxury and high-end club seats a year, according to Bill Dorsey, the chairman of the Association of Luxury Suite Directors (ALSD). A single suite can cost as much as $750,000 a season. Almost all suites and club tickets are bought by corporate clients, which write the cost off as a business entertainment expense. By the way, the ALSD receives its fair share of taxpayer largess by running its “fleece-the-taxpayer” scheme by holding an annual conference and business meeting, the expenses of which are also a write-off against ALSD revenue!

So to the naive NFL sports fan who can’t live without his 17-week regular season dose of adrenalin plus an additional couple of months for post season play, the entire country is being raked over the coals in providing financial support for “The Billionaire’s Club of owners”, and “The Millionaire’s Club of the NFLPA”.

The rich and famous of professional football have certainly been working overtime to make sure their pockets get lined in gold, regardless of the cost to the taxpayer. Perhaps, like the ignorant “takers” in America who line-up every month to suck down welfare benefits, ‘free’ healthcare insurance, subsidized housing benefits, and countless other government handouts and think nothing about it , “because the government is paying for it”, perhaps we need to clean the sewer or cesspool, whatever you choose to call it, from Washington DC all the way through our state AND local governments. Form my prospective, it looks like everyone is in need of an education that government has no money.

  1. There is no FREE Lunch. Someone has to pay.
  2. The governments (federal, state, county, city) HAVE NO MONEY, they can only tax the voters out of their hard earned money, because government produces no products to sell.
  3. The federal government can PRINT money, and believe me they have been very good at doing that this past decade, but every dollar they print devalues the purchasing power of the dollars the hardworking American public is trying to hold on to.

We have been told by the NFL Players who have been pampered all the way into becoming millionaires, just how prejudiced and unjust we Americans are, and that as racists, we all need to understand their plight in trying to get ahead . . . Right. The average salary in the NFL for 2016 was $2,150,000; the median salary for 2015 was $865,000; and the minimum salary for a rookie in 2017 (this is for the yahoo who just fell off the turnip truck), is $465,000. Please compare this wage/salary structure to the company you work for, and by the way, you probably have to work 52 weeks a year for the money you make.

The total money paid to the NFL football players for 2017 will be about $5.209 BILLION. Not bad for a segment of the population with limited talents except to play a game many of us played as kids. To put such money in prospective, there are about 198 countries around the world, many struggling with political issues, poverty, and lacking the freedoms we enjoy in America. The wealth of a country is often measured in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) a country is able to produce. The below list includes 32 countries and displays their GPD in BILLIONS of dollars (less than the combine NFL players’ salaries). Perhaps the players need to spend a few months in each of these countries to get a dose of reality.


To add even more prospective to why I call this whole protest “dishonest”, is because the NFL Players Association has declared war on the NFL and America along with our American traditions that are far more important than anything these coddled immature children have to say. They may have freedom of speech, but only because we have veterans who fought and died guaranteeing such issues in the U.S. Constitution. As real Americans, we the public have a right to ignore them for their antics.

In part two of this article I am going to address the “dishonest argument” that America is unjust; that all matters boil down to “white privilege”; and that minorities, regardless of color, race or sexual prejudice, just don’t have a ‘chance’ in America, because everyone with an opinion contrary to the liberal-progressive ideology, is either a racist, homophobe, or just a misogynist dipstick. To give you food for thought until Part 2, please tell me why people from all over the world wait in line for years, risk their lives trying to get here, or try to sneak into the United States. Are they just misguided masochists who want to endure more pain and suffering than the lives they have been living in their home country? What do they know that the spoiled American families and their children who support the NFL players don’t understand?

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