BOZO’s – Our elected legislators

What we the people end up with is a bunch of BOZOs running around Washington DC and our state houses with very little to show for the salaries they are paid.

There comes a time, usually proceeding an election, when we stop to think about those who will promise us anything in exchange for our vote. We all know the folks I am referring to . . . yup, it’s the same individual running for office that if elected will spend nearly all of his/her time, or probably more precisely said, spending his/her waking hours, devising schemes to get re-elected, with nary a thought as to the list of promises made to the constituency which cast the votes putting him/her in office.

What we the people end up with is a bunch of BOZOs running around Washington DC and our state houses with very little to show for the salaries they are paid. In fact it seems the problem goes from bad to worse each election cycle, and nothing much of anything is accomplished except a piling on of bureaucratic red tape to an already out-of-control BLOB that has become a cesspool of waste, fraud, and abuse, compounded by the addition of thousands upon thousands of new government personnel we can’t get rid of.

The only appropriate term to use when speaking about our politicians, and this crosses both sides of the aisle, is BOZO’s. According to numerous dictionaries the meaning is quite clear:

Definition of bozo

(Merriam-Webster) noun: a foolish or incompetent person

( noun: (slang) a fellow; a man, especially a muscular type with a meager brain; especially a big, strong, stupid fellow; a rude, obnoxious, or annoying person

BOZO’s they may be, but that doesn’t mean they do not know what they are doing and surely they believe “a lie is as good as the truth if people are dumb enough to believe it” – the typical uninformed voter who actually believes the government cares for them.

The “game” is played like this: A bureaucrat is a nothing. A nothing meaning he/she is just a number. A number of no significance. He/she is of no significance until it can be proven that the job they were given to do, cannot be done by just one individual. So, in the budgeting process, funds must be allocated for another individual who will report to the first individual. Rather than trying to figure out if the first individual should have been necessary in the first place, the pyramid will continue to grow with people creating “make work” to increase the size of their fiefdom, which now makes the original hire, a significant individual!

In writing for the National Review in February 2017, George Will took a head long dive into the unadulterated bloat in our federal workforce.

“The number of federal employees hasn’t changed much in 50 years, but that fact masks how the government has actually grown relentlessly. In 1960, when John Kennedy was elected president, America’s population was 180 million and it had approximately 1.8 million federal bureaucrats (not counting uniformed military personnel and postal workers). Fifty-seven years later, with seven new Cabinet agencies, and myriad new sub-Cabinet agencies (e.g., the Environmental Protection Agency), and a slew of matters on the federal policy agenda that were virtually absent in 1960 (health-care insurance, primary- and secondary-school quality, crime, drug abuse, campaign finance, gun control, occupational safety, etc.), and with a population of 324 million, there are only about 2 million federal bureaucrats.”

Further reading of Mr. Will’s research shows just how the government, and hence our elected political officials, have been able to mask the fact, that we all can easily recognize as an attempt to deceive the voting public, that the federal government has grown way beyond the affordability of the taxpayers.

“So, since 1960, federal spending, adjusted for inflation, has quintupled and federal undertakings have multiplied like dandelions, but the federal civilian workforce has expanded only negligibly, to approximately what it was when Dwight Eisenhower was elected in 1952. Does this mean that ‘big government’ is not really big?” Hardly! 

Mr. Will points out that John J. DiIulio, of the University of Pennsylvania and the Brookings Institute, in his 2014 book, Bring Back the Bureaucrats, argued that in reality the public says it is against “big government”.  To flim-flam or bambooozle the voters, the government has found ways to increase its size by re-writing the American language to hide the ways in which it is being grown so that the public never catches on.

Will further states, “Mr. DiIulio demonstrates that government expands by indirection, using three kinds of “administrative proxies” — state and local government, for-profit businesses, and nonprofit organizations. 

“Since 1960, the number of state- and local-government employees has tripled to more than 18 million, a growth driven by federal money: Between the early 1960s and early 2010s, the inflation-adjusted value of federal grants for the states increased more than tenfold. For example, the EPA has fewer than 20,000 employees, but 90 percent of EPA programs are completely administered by thousands of state-government employees, largely funded by Washington. Powered by a quarter of the federal budget is administered by the fewer than 5,000 employees of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) — and by the states, at least half of whose administrative costs are paid by CMS. Various federal crime and homeland security bills help fund local police departments.”

Dilulio continues, “there are about 3 million state- and local-government workers” — about 50 percent more than the number of federal workers — “funded via federal grants and contracts . .  Since 1960, the number of state- and local-government employees has tripled to more than 18 million, a growth driven by federal money. . . So, today’s government is indeed big (3.5 times bigger than five and a half decades ago), but dispersed to disguise its size. Has this been intentional? I don’t believe there can be any other reason!

So here we are at another fork in the road, another crossroads so to speak. The government is about to seek another hike in the Federal debt ceiling to continue in its game of “How can we fool the voters again this year and keep our fiefdoms intact?” 

Over and over we hear the Democrats telling us they just can’t find a way to cut the budget (I mean after all we are nearing $20 trillion in debt and with unfunded mandates running close to $100 trillion (to pay for the future retirement and healthcare benefits for all those government bureaucrats).

As those of us who live in the normal world of having to balance our household and business budgets least we go belly-up at the drop of a hat (bankrupt), we have a government which tells us even modest budget cuts means throwing Granny over the cliff, starving children who can’t eat at home, and having people dying in the streets by denying healthcare insurance to those who chose not to purchase their own coverage. They don’t tell us that it would also mean getting rid of the “Cadillac Health Plans” like our politicians and bureaucrats enjoy at taxpayer expense.

So I decided to give you as taste at what this government has done with our country and to the futures of our children and grandchildren who will be force to pay for the insatiable appetite of a government pig gone wild:

Few realize just how much waste fraud and abuse there in just the federal government with its 437 departments and agencies, which administer 1600+ government funding programs accounting for $1,974,042,215,000 (many departments can still not account for every penny spent!). Now, I am not an accountant, and I certainly would not wager my life on the exactness of what the government really spends and on what, but I know enough math that I can add and subtract like the rest of you reading this article.

If our GPD –  Gross Domestic Product (the values of all the goods and services produced in this country) will be approximately $19.4 trillion for 2017, about $8 trillion more than our closest competitor, China, one would have to believe there is plenty of room to trim the fat from waste, fraud, and abuse.

The United States is the biggest spender in the world (estimated at $2.86 trillion), and our defense budget is by far the largest of any country, but the defense sector accounts for only a single portion of a country’s spending (about $711 billion for arms, weapons, research and training). Countries also have to have money for education, social services, health care, infrastructure development and a host of other sectors. And to think that this figure only represents the spending of the federal government.

If one includes other public spending, the amount may balloon up to $6 trillion with Washington playing its “shell game”. But if the actual estimated expenditure to run the government on revenues of $2.4 trillion, we face a deficit of 36 percent or more. The country’s military spending alone is seven times higher than the second highest spender. With our role as the sole remaining superpower, we don’t really have any choice if we want peace.

With the figures I just gave you in these three paragraphs alone, let me refer you to the biggest give-a-way party the world has ever known. If you click this link, you will see a list of the GOVERNMENT FUNDING PROGRAMS. Read down through them and tell me , as the politicians have assured us, “We just can run these programs on less”. Then begin to look at what these programs entail. Do we really need a program for Asian Elephant Conservation ($1,063,000 total funding); a program for Arts in Education, ($35,071,000 total funding); Assistance to Torture Victims, ($9,909,000 total funding);

Bank Enterprise Award Program, ($17,008,000 total funding); Consultation Agreements, ($52,211,000 total funding); Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) , ($119,500,000 total funding); Rural Electrification Loans and Loan Guarantees, ($31,980,000,000 total funding). Do we really have to cover banks now – they keep our savings and charge us to open an account. Consulting Agreements – Open end and lucrative consulting agreements out the wazoo (give me a break).  Middle East Partnership Programs – not only do we protect those countries which lead us into life-long wars, but we have to pay for the programs they need – what about their oil money?

. . . and one that hurts me the most – The Rural Electrification Agency which was started back in 1936 as were many other government agencies that were never “sunsetted”, is still around even though I can’t seem to find many farm areas still needing a bunch of help to find electricity. The Rural Electrification Act of 1936, enacted under FDR’s New Deal on May 20, 1936, provided federal loans for the installation of electrical distribution systems to serve isolated rural areas of the United States. An opening round budget of a couple of million dollars is today almost $31 billion! 

As bureaucracy sprawls like the Blob it has become, nobody can say with complete authority exactly how many federal agencies exist. A list which appears to be fairly inclusive can be found by checking the Federal Register, which shows 437 offices and departments. If you look through them and just imagine how many bureaucrats it takes to fill the office space in all those federal buildings, please remember one thing . . . Whenever there is an eminent snow storm headed to Washington DC, there is usually an announcement that, “only essential personnel are required to report for work due to weather conditions”. Only about 10% actually show up! THAT TELLS THE WHOLE STORY.

I hope each reader will look through this maze of “bureaucratic hide the weinie” and tell your children and grandchildren that these BOZO’s in Washington can’t find a way to trim just a measly 5% from their budgets . . . and I don’t mean a reduction of 5% off their annual budget increases. We must have a reduction of 5% off current budgets, cut worthless government programs and departments, and  freeze hiring letting attrition get our country’s budget in order.


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