The ignorance of the Climate Folly of Fools

As someone blessed with cognitive thinking skills would have been able to predict as a pipe dream to bilk billions of dollars from hard working Americans, the hysteria of our eminent demise over the Paris Climate Protocol voiced by the charlatan of all charlatans, Al Gore . . . you remember him don’t you, you get a pat on the back for being normal.

Mr. Gore provided his unscientific view that we would be like crisp fried bacon by now because of global warming! In January, 2006, as he made the “red carpet” circuit of the liberal media (is there any other kind?) promoting his Oscar-winning documentary,  An Inconvenient Truth, Gore declared that unless we took “drastic measures” to reduce our greenhouse gasses, we would be beyond all hope of survival in as little as ten years. Reminder . . . it is 2017!

Though Gore has always considered himself to be smartest person in any room, and perhaps a genius in his own mind or sitting at the right hand of God Almighty, he wasn’t the first fool of this new world order to proclaim Armageddon would soon be upon all of us. All the hype about how man is greater than the universe created by God, and has the ability to wipe-out humanity so easily, can be blamed on this new global warming religion being pounded into the heads of our children by schools which were commandeered by a bunch of radical leftists who managed to survive the Sixties.

They have managed to convince the world that man alone was destroying the world with chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) which is an organic compound that contains carbon, chlorine, and fluorine, produced as a volatile derivative of methane and ethane. The most prevalent use was in Freon-12 used in refrigeration and air conditioning. Freon R-12 was banned in 1989 when the Montreal Protocol went into effect. I think the Montreal Protocol was kind of a compromise as many of the nut-jobs wanted to totally ban air conditioning, such as Mr. Stan Cox who I will get to in a minute.!

Leave it up to American ingenuity to put our minds into overdrive and come-up with a replacement to answer those who are always on the hunt to “take America down a notch”. We Americans have a way of thinking logically about things, and in that process we seem to come up with a capitalist approach, not a government solution, where someone found an answer and, what-do-you-know, we found a way to profit from his ideas. Many of the Neanderthals on the left would have been perfectly happy to simply ban refrigeration and go back to their caves I am sure. Hence today we have replaced R-12 with R-134 and other products that seem to get the job done.

As I wrote in my book The Concept of America, one example is Stan Cox, an environmentalist who advocated in the Washington Post, that Americans should abandon their air conditioners and that the residents of Washington DC should embrace the heat wave that hit the region in 2016. The Post article stated . . .

“This isn’t smart. In a country that’s among the world’s highest greenhouse-gas emitters, air conditioning is one of the worst power-guzzlers. The energy required to air-condition American homes and retail spaces has doubled since the early 1990s. Turning buildings into refrigerators burns fossil fuels, which emits greenhouse gases, which raises global temperatures, which creates a need for — you guessed it — more air conditioning . . . 

“Saying goodbye to air conditioning means saying hello to the world. With more people spending more time outdoors — particularly in the late afternoon and evening, when temperatures fall more quickly outside than they do inside — neighborhoods see a boom in spontaneous summertime socializing. “Rather than cowering alone in chilly home-entertainment rooms, neighbors get to know one another. Because there are more people outside, streets in high-crime areas become safer. As a result of all this, a strange thing happens: Deaths from heat decline. Elderly people no longer die alone inside sweltering apartments, too afraid to venture outside for help and too isolated to be noticed. Instead, people look out for one another during heat waves, checking in on their most vulnerable neighbors” 

This notion of course, is crazy. I believe Mr. Cox’s line of reasoning typifies what is wrong in our school systems and that serious discussions of America’s contribution to the advancement of civilization is simply never brought up, and this includes Thomas Carrier’s invention of air conditioning.

Today’s schools do not teach what America has given the world, in this instance we’re discussing air conditioning, as many school teachers spend more time talking about political correctness than things that are really important. If we do not teach the historic facts about America, the greatness of our country will have as little meaning to our children as it does for Mr. Cox . . . and, by the way, it has been proven kids learn much better and faster in air conditioned schools!

According to a reputable builder, Ivan Widjaya (and he is definitely on the side of the vast majority of the people worldwide, particularly we Americans):

“An HVAC (air conditioning system) is expensive; however, while the upfront costs may seem phenomenal, the returns definitely outweigh the negatives. When an office environment is 30% more comfortable, the costs will be recouped over time. For example, if you have three office workers that are increasing their productivity by 30%, theoretically you’ll be getting the value of a whole other worker; in addition, consider the salary, recruitment costs and equipment costs of hiring someone new”.

If one were to take Mr. Cox’s comfort argument out of the debate, but concentrate if you will, on the health issues that air conditioning provides for those in hospitals; the storage of food, transportation of perishable goods, control of mold, mildew, bacteria, fungus and pests, his words lose their meaning very quickly. Properly conditioned air improves the learning ability of our school children, and makes any conjecture about supposed adverse effects on our environment seem more than ridiculous.

Let’s go back to Mr. Gore. Following President Donald Trump’s burying a spear into the heart of the Paris Climate Agreement, getting us out of that globalist attempted rape of the American taxpayer agreed to by that fool, Barack Obama, we are free at last. Al Gore, John Kerry, and all the foolish politicians who have no problem fleecing us of our taxpayer dollars for grandiose global schemes designed by the United Nations, NATO, and the rest of the 190 or so countries of the world without a second thought to the future of our children and grandchildren, never think about who will have to pay for their generosity.

Their comments, widely broadcast by the main street media, predicted that Trump signed the death warrant for civilization by getting away from that Albatross Climate Accord.  They obviously didn’t study the details of the Accord, but then again, this is the same bunch of liars and thieves who didn’t read the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), before backing it 120%.  Just listen to their rhetoric about “a consensus of scientists agree”, which translated in real scientific terms means “what we are saying is just conjecture – our opinion – because we can prove it!” For science to be real science, it must be provable.

It would have cost the U.S. an estimated $100 billion dollars over the next few decades and even the best estimates would only go so far as to guesstimate (that’s not science) the effect all this spending would, if their estimates proved to be valid, effect the temperature, according to research by MIT, between 0.6 degree and 1.1 degrees Celsius by 2100, and that is if every country abides by their pledges in the deal.

The Paris Accords Climate Fund, to which the Obama administration already donated $1 billion in taxpayer dollars without authorization from Congress, has been flushed down the globalist toilet. We would have been off to a start to what easily could have been a sink-hole for American taxpayers from the git-go. Additionally, the Climate Fund would end-up collecting $100 billion per year by 2020. Geeez, I wonder where that money would have come from when the NATO countries won’t even pony-up to the bar to pay their fair share of NATO Defense Fund!

China and India, two countries with massive pollution problems, don’t even have to start right off the bat to comply with the Paris Accords. How can anyone in their right mind believe any of those tin-can, banana-republic, tyrannically governed dictator countries (Syria, Iran, Russia, North Korea, along with many countries in Africa with unstable governments) will even come close to meeting the mandate objectives . . . and there is no meaningful penalty for failure! America would have had to pay.

I believe that Real Americans have finally caught up to the thieves we have inside the Beltway of Washington DC, who recklessly squander the taxpayer dollars to enhance their own little fiefdoms, and are very skeptical of the main street media’s fake news stories about every issue they can use to slam President Donald Trump. Many people who can’t tell you what state is directly north of South Dakota, you know the ones who tune into CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CNS, and ABC, are about the only folks left who believe what they see on the nightly news and read about on Facebook©, Youtube©, and find at places like the Huffington Post©.

When the media reports about the public’s mass hysteria about Trump deciding to get us as far away as possible from the Paris Accords, and about how this is going to be the demise of modern civilization, please take it with a grain of salt. Most of the people in this country don’t put that much importance on the global warming issue which is deemed as a hoax by rational thinking adults.

In a closing thought for serious thinkers who are paying attention to the massive amount of propaganda being spewed by the left, spend a few moments studying the graphics I have presented in this article, and tell me you believe Trump made a mistake in getting us out of the Paris Climate Accord. These charts only tell a part of the story. The loss of jobs (due to limits that would have been places on the U.S. in energy use), the further globalization of America as we would have to sacrifice our sovereignty to the New World Order, and the loss of our freedom, should be matters of concern for all of us.

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