Lucifer Found A New Home: How Russia and America Switched Places

The Luciferians, having been expelled from Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union, have encamped here in the United States of America.

Luciferian doctrine preaches that God has abandoned mankind – that we as humanity must take the place of this supposed God, who apparently has become something of an “absentee-landlord,” that is, if He ever existed in the first place.

The Founding Fathers of the United States have been rumored to have been predominantly “deists,” which apparently means that although they acknowledged that the world was far too perfect and orderly to have been simply a fluke of the spark of accidental spontaneous creation, and was created by some higher level of intelligence and origin, but that for some reason, no one was “piloting the ship” anymore and that it was up to humanity’s “betters” to assume this governing role.

Enter the Freemasons and other secret societies which somehow believed that they were the “Chosen People” who would navigate the “ship of humanity” towards its final shores, if not during the journey towards those shores.

But human beings are fallible, and we are daily confronted with our “betters” falling prey to all that humanity fails at: greed, avarice, sexual promiscuity, murder, rape, pillage, theft, deception, anger, hatred, destruction – in a nutshell – evil.

To that end, mankind’s history has shown that human beings alone can not be entrusted with humanity, and that if anything, our leaders need to have a full and final commitment to humility and an obeisance to a higher moral authority, one that can ensure that humanity lives and develops towards ultimate global peace and harmony, rather than death, destruction, enslavement, and cacophony.

Strangely, not much has been written about the seeming “switching of places” by and between Russia and America, the former of which went through nearly 70 years under Communist rule starting in approximately 1917 as the U.S.S.R., run and led by Luciferians who believed that they knew better for humanity, and who actively discouraged the belief in God or other forms of divine rule.

It should be noted that Luciferianism can quickly devolve into outright Satanism, or evil for the sake of evil itself, if those Luciferians begin to commit wanton acts of depravity against others, in their pursuit of governance and control.

The Luciferian Communists billed themselves as “realists,” and were not to be bothered with “hocus pocus” notions of a “Man in The Sky” who issued his edicts and rules from the clouds above.

Contemporary comedians and political commentators who mock this concept of divinity abound in today’s America.

But humanity witnessed that these “enlightened men” of Communism led that nation into a bona fide and draconian Police State, and by the time that they were done, absconded with all of that nation’s wealth and power and became the “Oligarchs,” leaving more than 100 million men, women, and children dead in their wake, when their system of government finally and inevitably collapsed around 1989.

The necessity of their “Police State” was justified by them, in that they believed that humanity needed to be controlled and culled as needed, as they believed that the masses were lawless and out of control, and since the rules of God were obsolete, that it was important to regulate and monitor everyone within their population.

This is why Vladimir Putin has emerged as a post-Communist leader, and has re-injected the Church back into the nation, is feverishly trying to bring the country back from the dead, and to a fairly large and successful extent, he has done so.

Meanwhile the same Luciferians, in the forms of the international bankers, corporate CEOs, oligarchs, and plutocrats have moved on after being expelled from Russia, to focus on the United States, and to a lesser extent, Europe.

The second and third world remain largely their vassal states, and would follow the example set by the strongest of the 2 different governing methodologies (Luciferianism v Divinely Inspired Rule).

The problem with Luciferianism however, as we have seen, is that it inevitably leads to the above described societal ills, because, as a rule, mankind is hopelessly corruptible, and given enough money, military might, and power, will eventually succumb to human frailty and weakness, or madness, and kill off a great mass of innocent people in his paranoid and feverish attempts to more and more fully control the People that he rules over, all the while self-enriching himself at the expense of his governed People.

We have seen this in the former U.S.S.R., and we are now beginning to witness this same repeat of history in the United States, where the wealthy and powerful Oligarchs/Plutocrats have amassed greater and greater wealth and power, controlling the courts, the executive branch, and the legislature, while also holding the mainstream media in the palm of their hand.

The American Police State continues to grow and grow in strength, because the ruling class want more and more control over the masses, and because they do not want to lose the advantages that they currently enjoy.

It is easy to see how this can quickly escalate and ignite into an explosion given the proper circumstances, such as a terror attack (false flag incentives for the Oligarchs certainly abound, since they would be the primary beneficiaries of the consequent civil liberties and constitutional rights clampdown).

Therefore it is vitally important that American leadership (public and private) learn from the lessons of history, and not fall down the same path of the former U.S.S.R., or even NAZI Germany or Fascist Italy, which did not end well for either the Oligarchs/Plutocrats and their governed masses, at all.

It is incumbent upon the ruling class to restore and replenish their faith, if not in the belief of a just and moral God, then their ultimate and total humility to a higher moral power, far greater than themselves.

Both their future, as well as the masses that they govern, depend upon it.

See Also “Trading places: How America and Russia flipped roles after the Cold War” by Michael Brendan Dougherty; “Putin’s Paleoconservative Moment” by Patrick J. Buchanan; and “The Unthinkable Has Finally Happened: Russia and America Have Traded Places” by James Perloff.

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