Veterans accuse Sarah Palin of dangerous stereotyping in comments about son’s PTSD

Veterans accuse Sarah Palin


By Yanan Wang

During a tour in Iraq, U.S. Army officer Ryan Kranc was traveling on a convoy with his commander when they drove over a roadside bomb. His commander died, and Kranc survived.

That was 2003. For many years after, Kranc bore the guilt of the incident — until 2009, when he was deployed in Saudi Arabia and decided to get help.

“I came to the realization that I could no longer mask this,” Kranc said in a phone interview hire vetsearly Friday with The Post. “I would pour my heart and soul into my professional life, but I would be a zombie at home.”

Kranc was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder — or what he prefers to simply call “post-traumatic stress” — and started seeing a doctor, traveled through Germany, witnessed a leg of the Tour de France.

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One Response to "Veterans accuse Sarah Palin of dangerous stereotyping in comments about son’s PTSD"

  1. drbhelthi  January 25, 2016 at 1:47 pm

    Mrs. Palin was seeking supporter mileage via her son´s military experience and his alleged Post Traumatic Stress “condition.” From the sounds of the crowd, it paid off somewhat. The symptoms of PTSD do not include punching ones lover in the face, and kicking the lover when (s)he is down. That sounds more like the behavior of an indulged youth, in the vernacular, spoiled brat, even at the age of 28. The disruption that would occur within a family that included such a 28-yr-old male, former soldier, who blames his angry outbursts on PTSD, is readily understood. A mother who encourages the mismatch of behavior to symptoms enhances the subnormal behavior, contributing to the underlying maladaptation, which might not be associated with PTSD. However, a review of Mrs. Palin´s statements suggests that her son´s statements tend to parallel hers.

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