Cold War (1947–1991)

Sea Stories: Loss of Appetite

Sea Stories:  Loss of Appetite

by Gary Slaughter, Author of Sea Stories: A Memoir of a Naval Officer (1956-1967) During the late summer of 1963, U.S.S. Cony (DDE 508) was assigned to assist in the Operational Readiness Inspections (ORI) of two nuclear ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs). The most significant aspect of the ORIs involved the actual firing of the submarines’ […]

Disappearing Racial Distractions

Disappearing Racial Distractions

By: Tom Dillman   I’m an American, First Cavalry Veteran, born before WWII who served at  the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), and prior to it being Government Official, much of S.E. Asia. This article will focus on the Korean segment of my service.   Korea was—and sometimes still is—a stressful, volatile period in American military history with constant, […]

Objectives of Pakistan’s adversaries remain unaccomplished

By Asif Haroon Raja The US is the strongest military and economic power of the world but its behavior is amateurish and childish and doesn’t correspond to its stature, strength and capability. After 2nd World War, it never clashed directly with an adversary matching its capabilities but always attacked very weak foes. Like a typical […]


On July 11th  Lester Holt will be interviewing  many people that are involved with some of this nations  “secrets”  many of them from the Cold War past and many of them from the out right bizarre  “the aliens at Area 51” and the debunking of that myth and many other of the so called  X […]

Marine Veteran Remembers ‘The Mouseketeers’

In November 1964, a Marine veteran remembers boarding ship in San Diego harbor for the Far East and “The Mickey Mouse Theme Song.” (SAN DIEGO, CA) – In our starched utilities and white wall haircuts, we all looked alike.  A long green line of young men waiting to board ship.  For the Marines waiting to […]

Cold War Veterans to get their Day in Court

The federal court has accepted a lawsuit by veterans of the Cold War experiments conducted at Edgewood Arsenal from 1955 thru 1975. The government chose to ignore these men since 1975 and it has taken a lawsuit to make the government accept responsibility for medical harm caused them by toxic exposures.

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