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Is The Deep State Trying To Start A Race War?

Is The Deep State Trying To Start A Race War?

While watching the news unfold on the Mainstream Media (“MSM”) news networks all across the board today on March 22, 2017 (ironically enough with the cryptic dateline being “322″ for all the conspiracy theorists) relating to the new London “terrorist attacks” involving one lone nutjob who simply was armed with an “8 inch hunting knife” […]

Lucifer Found A New Home: How Russia and America Switched Places

Lucifer Found A New Home: How Russia and America Switched Places

Luciferian doctrine preaches that God has abandoned mankind – that we as humanity must take the place of this supposed God, who apparently has become something of an “absentee-landlord,” that is, if He ever existed in the first place. The Founding Fathers of the United States have been rumored to have been predominantly “deists,” which […]

Obama Asks for More Spending on Veterans

Obama Asks for More Spending on Veterans

Leveraging a tidal wave of reform and renewed public support for the Department of Veterans Affairs, President Barack Obama is asking Congress for more money for a variety of programs from disability benefits to prosthetic research.

Davos – 2015

Davos is the platform of discussions on new multi-billion business projects …

Whistleblower: HSBC ‘lied to MPs & deceived customers’

While Wilson has directly notified the Treasury Select Committee about his concerns regarding HSBC’s alleged criminal activity, contempt of Parliament and deliberate deceit of its customers, he is yet to receive a response.

The globalists are losing control

Whether we call this the largest bond bubble in history, “reckless”, “mad” or “insane”, Japan has truly jumped the monetary shark. There’s no way back and no way forwards that will be pain-free and this terrifies the BOJ.

48 suspicious banking deaths

With the global financial system heading towards a major crash in the near future are these people buckling under the pressure of what they see coming or are they being silenced because of what they know?

Michael Rivero: All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars!

As long as Private Central Banks are allowed to exist, inevitably as the night follows day there will be poverty, hopelessness, and millions of deaths in endless World Wars, until the Earth itself is sacrificed in flames.

Rouhani and the 1914 remix

According to Rouhani, “The last six years have taught us that no country can succeed alone …

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