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An Evil Generation Seeks a Sign

Matthew 24:30 and Planet X Connection

An Evil Generation Seeks a Sign
By: Eric Gajewski

What is a sign? A sign is defined as a conventional or arbitrary mark, figure, or symbol used as an abbreviation for the word or words it represents. A sign can be used to convey many things including a ‘warning”. In short, the faithless are always looking for a sign. Yet, those of faith, have no need of sign, although, many signs were still given by Our Lord (his first coming). As Catholics we truly don’t need signs yet God will eventually give His enemies a “final sign (Matthew 24:30). There are many “signs” surrounding us today that suggest that the Tribulation is shortly to come but why do so few actually see them? Our Lord warned that an evil generation seeks a sign (Matthew 12:39) and this perfectly describes our heartless and faithless generation.

Signs all around us but FEW see. I will cover in another article tomorrow the connection (blindness) between the Jews and the Novus Ordites. Our Lady spoke often about their being preliminary signs before world war 3 and the tribulation eventually broke out. Why do so few see this? I think in part too many rely upon the mainstream news for their “news” but then also pride comes into play. Where there is pride there is blindness it means God wont let them see. How many times have real Catholic’s try to point out the errors in the Second Vatican Council and be turned away like Christ was from the Jews. Did not Pope St. Pius X say modernism equates to spiritual pride? This is what we are dealing with and God knows how to “breakdown” a person so that he may see clearly. Take a look at the example of Saul being knocked off his “high horse” for reference. The earth changes are increasing drastically and yet how many people pay attention to these “signs”? Our Lady said they were given as a last resort to mercy before Justice would fall and yet the Novus ordites stay within the fantasyland of their false mercy routine (which comes from the Vatican itself).

Our Lady to Blessed Aiello (1955, approved):

SCOURGE IS NEAR AT HAND, The justice of God is weighing upon the world. Mankind, defiled in the mire, soon will be washed in its own blood, by disease; by famine; by earthquakes; by cloudbursts, tornadoes, floods, and terrible storms; and by war. But men ignore all these warnings, and are unwilling to be convinced that my tears (Weeping Madonna of Sicily?), are plain signs to serve notice that tragic events are hanging over the world, and that the hours of great trials are at hand’.”

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One Response to "An Evil Generation Seeks a Sign"

  1. the truth please  April 7, 2017 at 9:37 am

    Good day to you Eric, I`m glad I stumbled across what you had to say about the state of this planet or should I say the human society. Because only yesterday I decided to sit down and write how I see the situation, after some pondering and deep thought I wrote the words…..`I feel as though everything has been taken to its limit, the time has come to just sit and wait the clock is ticking for some major event. We are on our own and what happens happens, those of us that are awake will see`……. I wrote those words after much thought on a number of subjects ranging from the incessant warmongering to paranormal event including Planet X and everything space connected. I pray for a world of peace, but as yet that is not within our reach.

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