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CrossTalk: Bullhorns on Trump’s Team

Is there the danger he will surround himself with neocons like Obama did?

President-elect Trump's New Cabinet Picks

President-elect Trump’s New Cabinet Picks

Published on Nov 21, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump is in the process of forming his cabinet, particularly his foreign policy team. Is there the danger he will surround himself with neocons like Obama did?

CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda, Alexander Mercouris, and Matthew Gordon-Banks.

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One Response to "CrossTalk: Bullhorns on Trump’s Team"

  1. Debbie Menon  November 22, 2016 at 8:34 am

    It is going to be a battle getting people confirmed. The Senate itself is a swamp. He can (since 2013) get cabinet appointees and senior people (e.g., Chairman of the JCS) confirmed by a simple majority, but Supreme Court justices need a 2/3 vote. And there is the prospect of filibusters from senators of both parties, which effectively blocks a vote.

    But since Obama set a precedent of essentially governing by executive order, what I think will happen: LOTS of things – Obama’s true radical agenda came out after the 2014 elections, so you can look at his executive orders from then to now, and plan on all – or almost all – of them being reversed.

    And there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court and over 100 Federal District & Circuit judgeships that are also vacant, which he can fill. BIG changes.

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