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Hey, 1% corporate media: Truth now or be War Criminals forever

227372445_statue_of_liberty_cryingBe proud of your choices; they have consequences.


by Carl Herman


US 1% corporate media lies by omission and commission to “cover” obvious US 1% crimes centering in war and money.

The above three links explain, document, and prove these charges in “emperor has no clothes” obviousness. These are among perhaps 100 crucially important issues about which our 1% media continuously lie.

As we approach our endgame to arrest obvious criminals (and here), media lying sacks of spin have an interesting choice:

1. Continue to lie in service to psychopaths whose policies annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions.

2. Have a “Scrooge conversion” to reclaim their hearts, communicate Truth, and become game-changing heroes.

occupy_wall_street-1Choice 1 will end with arrests and prosecutions for inciting War Crimes, just as the US prosecuted chief Nazi media propagandist with a sentence of death (and here, here).

Choice 2 will open Truth & Reconciliation: an exchange of truth for no prosecution.

As we’ve offered since 2009, we are willing to speak for Truth & Reconciliation upon the 1%’s networks.

The offer has been made repeatedly and clearly.

Be proud of your choices; they have consequences.

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2 Responses to "Hey, 1% corporate media: Truth now or be War Criminals forever"

  1. DaveE  October 12, 2013 at 11:13 am

    Great piece. My first career out of college was working as a tech in the media, so I learned pretty early the depth and breadth of the lying and propaganda, all borne of racism and the so-called “religion” of the Talmud.

    To put it bluntly, expecting the Israelites to start telling the truth would be like expecting Christians to openly condemn Jesus Christ.

    EVERYTHING about Judaism is a lie, from the bogus history, their claims of G_d given supremacy to their endless false-flag terrorism blamed on others, their claims to Palestine, the “we’re a race” con, you name it. Pure garbage from start to finish.

    Don’t expect the media to grow a conscience. It’s one of the three supporting pillars of their world-subjugation plans.

  2. Alwyn Scott Turner  October 10, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    There was a report from a woman eye witness – that stated when Miriam Carey surrendered to the heavily armed ‘Capital Police’ – the ‘killer cops’ first removed her baby from the car…then shot the mother multiple times in the head – she could not be identified – her family was denied access to the body and was shown only a photograph.
    The murder of Ms. Carey was filmed by DC authorities – yet no images of the actual killing have surfaced to the public through the Jewish controlled ‘news media’ – in their reports – CNN, ABC, NBC, MSMBC – all Israeli assets – have vanished this developing news – that was getting the most commentary from the American People.
    This ‘story’ is the most important event for ‘Investigation Journalism’ – which used to exist in the ‘news media’ – now, readers have to go along with the ‘Jewish Agenda’ – or be censored and banned from access.
    Interesting to see this story develop on VNN!

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